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First launched in 1984 by Morey, the MACH 10 changed the game by introducing stringers made of fiberglass and graphite to the bodyboarding world. This innovation set a new standard in bodyboard craftsmanship. Today's bodyboards owe their stringers to the pioneering spirit of the MACH 10.

Fast-forward to now: The MACH 10 isn't living in the past but a testament to evolution. Drawing inspiration from the best of both worlds—DK and prone riding—we've masterfully combined features that riders swear by. The board's narrow template, a favorite for DK enthusiasts, promises agility and turning ability. Meanwhile, the wider widepoint, guarantees stability and facilitates seamless spins and rolls. Rounded off with nose bulbs for a solid grip during prone rides and slot channels for optimal control, this board is the perfect amalgamation of design and function.

The MACH 10 is for the rebel riders who refuse to be boxed in any one style. Embrace versatility: be formless, shapeless, like water my friend!


Series: Pro
Length: 40"/41"/42"
Width: 22"/22.25"/22.5"
Thickness: 2.047"/2.086"/2.125"
Nose Width: 11.125"/11.5"/12"
Tail Width: 17.25"/17.5"/17.625"
Rail Setup: 55/45