Tom Morey's passion for surfing and his unique skills in mathematics and engineering drove him to create revolutionary surf innovations after graduating from the University of Southern California. As a composite manufacturing and engineering expert from his time at Douglas Aircraft, Morey was well-versed in groundbreaking post-war materials, which inspired him to combine his technical expertise with his love of the ocean.

In 1954, Morey introduced the first concave nose pocket, followed by the "Wing Tip" in 1955 and the interchangeable fin system in 1964. But it wasn't until 1971 that Morey designed the first-ever bodyboard, marking a defining moment in the evolution of surf culture.

The original Morey Boogie Board, made of epoxy glass bottom and soft polyethylene deck, was a six-foot board with skegs, which turned out to be a disappointment in the market. Morey then came up with the idea of cutting a nine-foot piece of foam into two pieces, and the modern bodyboard was born.

The early Morey Boogie Boards were shaped by Tom himself, finished with tape and glue. He then began selling a kit that included the core, tape, and skins for $25 without the glue, as he realized the glue was affecting his health. By the end of 1971, he signed a deal with G&S Surfboards and presented his invention to the surf industry.

In the decades that followed, Tom Morey continued to innovate and improve upon his invention, developing new shapes, materials, and construction methods. One of his key innovations was the Stringer System, which added a wooden or graphite stringer to the core of the bodyboard, improving stiffness and durability.

Morey Bodyboards continued to push the boundaries of bodyboarding throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, introducing new models and technologies such as the MACH 7 and Heatwave boards, as well as expanding their product line to include accessories such as fins, leashes, and board bags.

Today, Morey Bodyboards remains a leading brand in the bodyboarding industry, known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. The brand's legacy is a testament to the vision and innovation of Tom Morey, who created a new sport and forever changed the way we ride waves.


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Morey holding the first boogie board