The next chapter in DK riding... You in for the ride?


$249.99 USD

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About the Board

For those who’ve tasted the thrill of Drop Knee riding and are hungry for more, there's an evolution waiting to be unleashed – the MACH 7-SS.

With a hydrophobic polypropylene (PP) core and dual carbon fiber stringers, this board is built for resilience and responsiveness. Unlike other boards, the 7-SS sports a narrower nose, ensuring your ride doesn’t nosedive when riding DK. Its broader crescent tail also allows for tighter turns.

With DK riding, it's all about weight distribution. A smaller nose and a wider tail PLUS the board's recalibrated low wide-point (strategically placed closer to the halfway mark) enable the rider to balance their weight effortlessly on the back of the board.

The knee contours is another signature nod to the DK riders. Feel the snug embrace as your knee locks into position, ready to command the waves. And that line contour around the nose? It's not just for show. Get ready for a grip that’s as steadfast as your passion for the sport.

This is the next chapter in DK riding. Are you ready to redefine your ride?


Series: Pro
Length: 41.5"/43"
Width: 19.5"/20.4"
Thickness: 2.125"/2.204"
Nose Width: 9.75"/9.875"
Tail Width: 17.5"/18.125"
Rail Setup: 55/45