Experience unrivaled performance with the MACH 7X bodyboard - the perfect upgrade for wave riders seeking control, speed, and flexibility.


$219.99 USD

About the Board

The MACH 7X is the ultimate upgrade to our original MACH 7 for any serious rider. Its hydrophobic polypropylene core repels water, making it resistant to damage and enabling you to ride at faster speeds.

The X-Flex Mesh, a chickenwire mesh sandwiched between the top and bottom layer, and the single power rod stringer, a carbon fiber rod embedded within the board, provide added strength and durability while also maintaining the board's shape under the stress of violent waves. The MACH 7X can handle any wave conditions, so push your limits and ride with confidence!


Series: Pro
Length: 41.5"/42.5"
Width: 21"/22.5"
Thickness: 2.125"/2.165"
Nose Width: 11.75"/12"
Tail Width: 17.25"/17.75"
Rail Setup: 55/45