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$219.99 USD

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About the Board

The MACH 7X isn’t just a step up from the MACH 7 - it’s a leap into a new dimension of boarding. Think of MACH 7 as the foundational beat; 7X is the amplified bass drop for those who've found their primal prone rhythm.

Sporting a wider nose and a higher widepoint, the MACH 7X offers more space for you to lay on and is tailored for those eager to elevate their prone riding experience. Its hydrophobic polypropylene (PP) core repels water, craves speed, and scoffs at damage. With an X-Flex Mesh and a single power rod carbon fiber stringer, this board provides maximum durability. The MACH 7X can be on the stiffer side at first, but give it time, ride it out. This board warms up to your style, its flex embracing your flow the more you challenge it.

Got a hunger for mammoth waves? Good. The MACH 7X doesn't just tolerate the monstrous - it thrives in it. So, throw caution to the wind, push boundaries, and let the MACH 7X redefine your limits. Ride wild. Ride free. Ride 7X.


Series: Pro
Length: 41.5"/42.5"
Width: 21"/22.5"
Thickness: 2.125"/2.165"
Nose Width: 11.75"/12"
Tail Width: 17.25"/17.75"
Rail Setup: 55/45