The Iconic MACH 7 bodyboard: designed for epic rides and endless adventures!


$129.99 USD

About the Board

The MACH 7 is the most iconic and legendary the Morey boogieboard, cherished by wave riders worldwide. Its PE core is highly flexible and forgiving, making it ideal for progressing your riding skills as it bends easily with the wave face.

The MACH 7 is perfect for intermediate riders looking to tackle bigger waves and maneuvers, or anyone seeking a versatile all-rounder bodyboard. With its ability to handle epic barrels and smooth rides, this board is perfect for a variety of riding styles and a must-have for any bodyboarding enthusiast!


Series: Pro
Length: 41"/42"/43"
Width: 20.5"/22.25"/23"
Thickness: 2.165"/2.204"/2.244"
Nose Width: 11.75"/12"/12.25"
Tail Width: 17.25"/17.625"/18"
Rail Setup: 60/40