M38 Bodyboards
M38 Bodyboards

M38 Bodyboards

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M38 - the classic M38 is back. Ideal size for young adults and smaller riders, this lightweight but rugged model is perfect for anyone who is looking fora first board that will continue to perform at a high level as their skills increase. Dual channels and crescent tail will provide the perfect control and maneuverability for even the most discerning rider and the soft flex will continue to perform well even as the water gets chilly in those winter conditions. 

  • Core: EPS Core
  • Deck: IXL
  • Slick: HDPE
  • Mesh: No
  • Stringers: No
  • Channels: Yes


This high desity EPS core is heat laminated and is ideal for beginning riders.


A tail type that was designed for all wave conditions. The crescent tail has less contact with the face of the wave and increases the bodyboard's fluidity, especially in barreling, close-out, or shore break conditions.


Impact absorbing material, durable soft and light top deck layer for comfort.


High-Density Polyethylene slick bottom that is specially formulated for Dow core boards. HDPE slick bottoms offer proper flex and projection for added control and maneuverability.


Grooved slots on the bottom which helps minimize trubulunce and helps increase the boards hold to the waves.


This durable wrist leash and plug system will keep you securely connected to your board.