Start your bodyboarding journey strong with the MACH12 MDS - The perfect boogieboard for serious beginners!


$64.99 USD

About the Board

Level up your bodyboarding skills with the MACH12 MDS boogie board. Designed for groms in mind, this starter board is equipped with the revolutionary MACH Dynamic Speed System to help you ride the waves like a pro in no time. From top to bottom, the MACH12 MDS is built for performance. With an embedded fiberglass stringer, this board offers the strength you need to take on bigger swells and execute jaw-dropping maneuvers like dropknees and spins. Get ready to experience the ride of your life with the MACH12 MDS!


Series: Progressive
Length: 42.5"
Width: 21.3"
Thickness: 2.4"
Nose Width: 12.2"
Tail Width: 17.7"
Rail Setup: 55/45