Made From 100%
Recyclable Materials

Compression formed hi-density epp closed-cell foam. 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and waterproof.

The new eco-core provides similar stiffness/rigidity and buoyancy as high-end pp cores.

New Way
Of Board Making

At its core lies a super dense 3.12 pcf (per cubic foot) pp core. This dense, robust core negates the need for the traditional stringer and mesh reinforcement.

Thumb Nubs
And Finger Grabs

Ergonomically designed for better grip to the board, creating a secure hold to keep you in control when negotiating extreme situations.

Mach Dynamic
Speed System

Double concave V-Hull designed to generate more board speed.

Ride Sustainable

Mach12 MDS eco tech - Dark gray

$94.99 USD

Mach12 MDS Eco Tech - Lake Blue

$94.99 USD