Country of origin: France

❝ Incredibly thrilled to be joining the Morey team. My choice was based on my desire to ride for the most prestigious brand in world, the legacy of Tom Morey will never be forgotten and the biggest act of gratitude I could do in my life toward the man who made all of us bodyboarders who we are today is to carry his name as I continue to bodyboard at the highest level. It was an opportunity given to me I couldn’t refuse and I am very grateful for it.

Morey represents the history of our sport and I feel highly honored to be representing the brand. It also means responsibility as I am very determined to help build the brand and highly represent it around the world.

The potential is unlimited with a brand like Morey, I am very excited to work on my pro model and developing products, I am working with a fantastic team and I feel we can do amazing things together for the sport. ❞

Name: Jeremy Arnoux

Country of Origin : Guadeloupe, France

❝ For me, riding for Morey is an honor and a thrill. It's not just about being part of a brand; it's about being part of a legacy that shaped the world of sports.

I'm excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Whether it's pushing the limits of product innovation with Morey, exploring new challenges in the sport, or working with a dynamic team to achieve our goals, the future holds a lot of promise. ❞

Name: Txomin Lopez Manterola

Country of Origin : Basque Country

❝ I chose Morey because it represents the pinnacle of sports history for me. Morey signifies a new era and rejuvenation, which greatly excites me. The fact that it carries the legacy of Tom Morey, the creator of the sport, is simply so great to me. Choosing Morey was an easy decision.

Riding for Morey is not just an opportunity but an honor, an additional source of motivation, and a dream come true. With Morey, I feel a duty to continually push myself in bodyboarding, refining my style, and pursuing my dreams to uphold the legacy of this esteemed institution. Morey, to me, is more than a brand; it's an institution. Being a part of this team, especially after all the legendary names that have been a part of the team and alongside bodyboarders like PLC, feels surreal and incredibly humbling.

I'm excited about everything that lies ahead. As I finish my studies, I look forward to dedicating my years before entering full-time work to travel, competition, and riding the best waves and slabs around the world. Representing Morey and being part of such a top-tier team motivates me and fuels my desire to not only improve myself but also contribute to the development of the sport. The best is yet to come! ❞

Name: Vicente Campos

Country of Origin : Portugal

❝ I am very happy and proud to be part of the Morey Team. It's a dream come true. Thank you for believing in my potential.

It is the most historic and representative brand of our sport. It has the best materials, shapes and some of the best athletes in the world, like Pierre Louis Costes!!

I'm really excited to surf with the team, catch good waves, make good videos and improve my bodyboarding level to the maximum. ❞

Name: Emie Padois

Country of Origin : France

❝ To be part of the Morey team is a dream for me, the sport will not exist without Tom Morey. Being part of this legacy is a privilege & I’m really proud of it.

I think the work of the brand is amazing, putting more into the new generation while having some of the best riders of the world…This is a crazy opportunity to have at my age.

For the future I just want to improve my skills, surfing perfect waves with my friends and the team. I want to do more contests because I love to compete, I love bodyboarding and I love to see all the girls on tour. They are such an inspiration to me. ❞

Name: Timeo Zaninotto

Country of Origin : France

❝ It's an honour to be part of Morey, which is emblematic of our sport. I surfed my first Morey board when Nico, one of the guys from Legacy (Morey's EU distributor) lent me his board for a competition two years ago (sintra), I loved the shape of the board (wide). Nico then asked me to be part of the Morey team and I was delighted to accept the offer. .

Surfing for one of bodyboarding's most iconic brands is a huge honor. Being part of the same team as my idol Pierre Louis Costes is even more inspiring and motivating for me. !!

This year in 2024, I'm aiming for a podium finish at the French championships in the open category. I'll also be taking part in two stages of the Ibc world tour ('sintra' and 'el fronton') where I hope to gain experience for the years to come!. ❞