Unlock the freedom to ride with confidence and learn how to install a leash and plug on your bodyboard all by yourself with this simple and essential guide. Stay strapped in for your next epic wave-riding sessions. Let's dive in!

Here's what you'll need: 

- Ruler

- Marker

- Coin (a quarter would do)

- Screwdriver

- Leash

- Leash plug

Leash Plug Installation:

  1. Determine the placement of the plug: Determine where you want your leash plug to be placed, based on your preferred attachment side and whether you'll be using a wrist or ankle leash. 

For regular stance (left foot forward) riders, position the plug on the top-left corner and for goofy footed (right foot forward) riders, on the top-right corner. You can place it in the top middle as well. If you prefer an ankle leash, use the bottom-left or bottom-right corner. Avoid placing the plug over the stringer, which is the solid part running down the board's core.

(For Morey bodyboard owners, refer to the images below for a more accurate understanding of where our stringers are located. This will help prevent accidentally drilling through the stringers)

single stringer
(For 7, 7X, and 10)
“Mach 7-SS”
(For Mach 7-SS)

Once you've decided on the spot you want to place your leash plug, mark the spot with a marker.

  1. Making a hole through the board: After marking your spot, either punch a hole through the board with a screwdriver or use an electric drill to create a hole. If you can’t seem to punch a hole through with your screwdriver you can heat it up with a lighter so it melts through the board.

(Drill or punch the hole in a slow and controlled manner to avoid any excess material from flying out)

  1. Fitting the plug: Now it's time to fit the plug. Insert the two separate pieces of the plug one through the deck and the other through the slick accordingly (the piece where you fit the leash cord through should be on the deck, and the piece where there is a slit should be fitted from the bottom side of the board). 

Screw/twist and tighten both pieces of the leash plug together, ensuring a secure connection. Use a quarter to twist for extra tightness if desired. With the plug fully installed, you can move on to attaching the leash.

Attaching the leash:

  1. When attaching the leash, ensure that the leash cord/string is already in a loop with a knot already tied. (Return the leash of the knot is loose or untied. Do not untie the knot) 

  1. Take both ends of the leash string (away from the knot) and pass them through the center of the leash plug. Pull them through, creating a loop on one side of the plug. 

  1. Now, fit the entire leash through that loop and pull the leash through the knot.
  1. Once everything is installed and secure, you're ready to hit the waves with confidence. Double-check your knot and enjoy your session with your newly installed leash.

While this guide empowers you to install the leash plug and attach the leash on your own, we understand that not everyone may feel comfortable or have the necessary tools for the task. 

In such cases, we recommend visiting your local surf shop, where the experts will gladly assist you in properly installing the plug and leash, ensuring a safe and secure setup for your bodyboard. 

Don't hesitate to seek their assistance and get ready to hit the waves with confidence!