Morey Family History 

Every so often, we come across a story that reminds us of the profound impact our Morey boogie boards have had on people's lives. Today, we're taking you on a journey through time with a tale that'll warm your hearts and make you want to grab your board and head to the beach.

This isn't just about a board; it's about the memories, adventures, and the love that's been passed down through families like treasured heirlooms. This story is about a Morey Boogie board that not only saw the corners of the world, but became an integral part of a family's adventures.

Message from The Yost Family:

And that, dear riders, is the magic of Morey Boogie Boards! For decades, we've not only caught waves but also captured moments, becoming an iconic piece of Americana. From snowy hills to sandy beaches, and even on a river escapade with a tiny dog, our boards have been there, turning ordinary days into extraordinary memories.

It's more than just a board. It's the laughter of families, the thrill of that first wave, and the stories that echo in the golden sunsets of countless beaches. It's the rich tapestry of American life, one wave at a time. Got your own iconic Morey moment? Share with us at or just message us on our social media. We're all ears (and fins)!

(Surprise in action! Watch as Brooke gifts her dad a brand new boogieboard, the exact same model he got 30 years ago. The joy on his face says it all!)