At Morey, we aim to give you the answers to help you try a Morey Boogie without any fear. Read below to find out how easy it is to take up a Morey Boogieboard and head into the water today.

What is the difference between bodyboard and boogie boarding?

The term boogie boarding comes from Morey, coining the bodyboards “Boogie Boards”. Bodyboarding is name for the sport itself but in essence, there is no difference between the two. “Boogie Boards” were invented on July 7, 1971 by Tom Morey. The most iconic of all boards is the Morey MACH 7, released in 1982. The symbolic yellow color board is still the most popular and widely recognized of all bodyboards.

Is boogie boarding easier than surfing?

The difference between boogie boarding and surfing is that bodyboarding does not require you to stand up, making each “surf” less dangerous, especially if you do not have your core balance worked out. At the same time, bodyboarding requires the boarder to lie flat or raise one knee, making your body locked on to the board at all times.

How do you do boogie boarding?

The simplest way to boogie board is to take a Morey boogie board into the ocean and start to ride the incoming swells. Bodyboarding is easy to learn and takes only a few tries to get the basics correct. To ride your first swell, hold the board close to your body with your arms stretched out grabbing the top of the board, hold the board against your body as you go into the water. As the waves brush you forward, learn to jump up and crash against the wave to ride the top of the wave.

Is boogie boarding same as surfing?

No. Bodyboarding/Boogie Boarding does not require you to stand on the board like surfing does. At the same time, a softer, smaller board is used in bodyboarding compared to surfing (hard rigid long boards). Bodyboards can be used on small to large swells whereas surf boards can only be used on large swells. Usually one would learn to bodyboard before progressing to surfing

Can you stand up on a boogie board?

While it is not traditional nor typical, to stand on a Boogie Board, if you are experienced enough, you can definitely stand on a bodyboard. Choose a bodyboard that includes at least one stringer to ensure that you have a strong enough board to prevent snapping or bending when standing on.

Is body boarding a sport?

Body boarding is definitely a sport that began in 1971 with the invention of the Boogie board by Tom Morey. Since then, there have been many “groms” (beginner bodyboarders) that have progressed to professional level champion bodyboarders like Mike Stewart and Jeff Hubbard. Bodyboarding was also looked into as an Olympic sport but has not officially been recognized as such.

Is bodyboarding still popular?

Bodyboarding is still very popular! It is a sport that is passed down to the next generation to learn and progress to surfing. Bodyboarding helps to make the transition to surfing easier by allowing the boarder to adjust to the ocean currents and learn some commonly shared surfing positions.

Is bodyboarding lame?

Bodyboarding is definitely not lame, it is a transitionary sport to surfing, allows the boarder to enjoy various sized ocean swells and gives you an excellent way to exercise. By giving boarders the ability to enjoy the ocean swells, Boogie boarding helps ease bodyboarders into other related sports, like surfing.

Are bodyboarders surfers?

Bodyboarders are bodyboarders. They are similar to surfers but the use of the “board” and what type of “board” is different. Bodyboarders use a softer, smaller, foam core board while a surfer would use a rigid long board. Bodyboarders would ride by lying flat or kneeling (called a drop knee) while surfers stand on their boards.

How much does a good boogie board cost?

A good boogie board can range from $64.99 up to $249.99 depending on the materials used. For example, the Morey MACH12 MDS is priced at $64.99 and includes a fiberglass stringer, new Mach Dynamic Speed System, PHUZION CORE® (EPS Core), single barrel swivel wrist leash and the trademark Morey Tube Rail™ whereas the popular Morey MACH 7 includes a single power rod stringer, PE Core, channels but is considered a higher end board due to the higher quality PE Core.