[CARSON, CA] Morey Bodyboards, the iconic bodyboard company that invented bodyboarding, has released the MACH12 MDS bodyboard for sale exclusively online with a MSRP of US$64.99.

The 42.5” MACH12 MDS bodyboard introduces the new “MACH Dynamic Speed” (MDS) system that was developed in consultation with Jon Henderson, board shaper based in Santa Cruz, California. MDS allows the rider to gain more speed with the dual v-hull channels that run from just below the nose to just above the tail of the board. “This is innovation that we could have only developed with both the experience of 50 years of board making and Jon’s knowledge of the water,” states Todd Richards, President of Wham-O “designed for the beginner to the experienced boarder, the MACH12 MDS will help them progress with through new technology engineered.”

“When I was 11 years old, I rode my first wave on a Morey Boogie bodyboard.” notes Jon Henderson “I was honored to be invited to build on decades of board development and contribute to Morey's best offering yet, the MACH12 MDS. This board is an exciting next step for the most iconic bodyboard brand, sure to deliver endless fun, performance, and stoke to all levels of wave riders.”

Featuring a Phuzion Core® made of heat laminated high density EPS core with a durable HDPE bottom slick skin, the MACH12 MDS also includes a fiberglass stringer to provide extra strength for high performance maneuvers. The MACH12 MDS also has a contoured deck and finger grabs to provide a secure and controlled ride, especially while transitioning from rail to rail.

Other features of the MACH12 MDS include the innovative tube rail system, crescent tail and a single barrel 360-swivel coil leash.

Key Specifications of the MACH12 MDS:

Morey Bodyboards MACH12 MDS
  • Size: 42.5"
  • Core: Phuzion Core® (High Density EPS Core)
  • Deck: TC6.5
  • Slick: HDPE
  • Rail: Tube Rail
  • Tail: Crescent
  • Stringer: 1x fiberglass
  • Channels: MACH Dynamic Speed System
  • Leash: Premium 360-Swivel Leash
  • Colours: Comes in Blue and Grey variations


Morey Bodyboards

Invented in 1971 by Tom Morey, Morey Bodyboards has led in innovative ways for bodyboarders to ride in the ocean with a lightweight board. For 50 years such technology as skegs, dimpled bottom, mini-boogieboards, tube rails, slick skin bottom, triple stringer board have contributed to the advancement of bodyboard to what it is today.

Morey’s line of bodyboards include the popular MACH 7 series, MACH 10, Mini Boogie, Big Kahuna, Cruiser and skimboards. Morey also make iSUPs that serve both the consumer and enthusiast market.  

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